Zachariah Mukwira

Mukwira was born in 1968 in Makonde, Zimbabwe.  From 1989 to 1992, he studied disability and awareness campaigns through the arts with an organization called Zimbabwe Integration Through Arts.  He has continued his work with the disabled, as well as paint.  Kayakwanga Art Studio is Mukwira’s private home studio. The name originates from Kaya (meaning home) and Kwanga (meaning mine).  It was his need to share his art and work environment with his loved ones which inspired this project.

Kayakwanga has been involved in holding workshops with disabled children through the years, and this is a dream which Mukwira, although very successful in his own right as an artist, will never forego.

One of the principal reasons Mukwira’s work is so popular is that it always tells an African story.  He has work in private collections across the world as well as at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the Half Way Hotel and the New Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls.  He also has done a book cover for the children’s book “Stars in a Plate,” and has an on-going contract to provide artwork for the Nando’s food chain as their restaurants in South Africa are renovated.

Mukwira has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Zimbabwe and South Africa and has facilitated four workshops.  He is a member of the Friends of the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe and Water Colour Society of South Africa.

Mukwira has a positive approach to life. His favorite mantra is: “Think Luck! If you fall into a river, check your pockets for fish!!”