Witness Bonjisi

Witness Bonjisi was born in 1976 on the 25th of September in Mudzi, in the district of Mutoko, Zimbabwe. He grew up in Domboshava, Chinamhora and attended high school at Tafara High in Harare.

In 1992, inspired by his brother, the late Lameck Bonjisi, Witness began his sculpting career. With the guidance of Lameck and the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa he learned the art form that his ancestors had been doing for centuries.

In 1996, he began to successfully produce his own work. Bonjisi creates very contemporary sculpture unlike that of the earlier Shona artists. He bases the subject matter on his intuitive sense using the shape of the stone as his guide.

Bonjisi has held exhibitions in the US and Switzerland. To date his work has sold in France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Greece and the United States.