Tawanda Makore

Tawanda Makore was born on August 8, 1979 in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe and currently living in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Akence Makore,his late uncle, a renowned sculptor, inspired him to become a sculptor and thus his training began at an early age under the eyes of his elders.

He soon developed his own technique and style, and eventually joined various artist groups. In 2006 he joined a group of artists based in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. He is one of the new generation of young artists whose work has become distinctive. He is being recognized as one of the major talents to emerge from Zimbabwe today. His work has evolved to become a unique style of three dimensional sculptures which he calls ‘vision sculptures’ with a pure, experimental touch.

Well-known art collectors in Europe and the USA have exhibited Tawanda’s work.

 “In my sculptures the elements of essence and appearance are always inseparably linked. The essence being;  to depict an outward appearance of form. I sometimes abstract some details so as to draw the viewer to my purpose, thereby enabling the essence of my art to be easily absorbed.”