Rowan Zata

Rowan Zata was born on 12 November, 1992 in Domboshava, Zimbabwe. He is
the first born in a family of four. Art is his great passion, which runs through his family.

Rowan started wood sculpting in 2004 after being inspired by the works of his father Nhamoinesu, who is the second of five brothers including Abwell, Collins, Agreey and Kudzai. All of the brothers followed in their own father’s footsteps to become wood sculptors. His grandfather Herbert Zata was quite skilled at creating animals and human figures from wood.

Like other members of his talented family, he uses driftwood to create sculptures, finding great pleasure in bringing life and form back to deadwood. He specializes in animals, human figures, abstracts, lovers and families. Rowan spends much time in the forests, rivers and mountains of his homeland collecting resin wood, which he sells primarily in South Africa, where he travels frequently. His exhibitions in Zimbabwe include the Borrowdale Crafts Fair and at Chapungu Sculpture Park.

Rowan attended Pote School in Domboshava and did his higher learning at Mount Pleasant High School in Harare. He is married with two children, one boy and one girl