Roberto Jofre

While there are many interesting pieces of art and styles in La Boca, an artists’ enclave in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one artist, Roberto Jofre, particularly stands out.

Many are instantaneously captivated by his work for two reasons: his stupendous use of colors, and his very distinct brush strokes that lend his subjects a special type of character and movement.

His paintings of tango dancers and the Buenos Aires nightlife embody the history of the immigrant culture of Buenos Aires, the “bordelos”, or neighborhoods, where the Tango became popular, houses and cabarets, and the “compadritos” which were very macho men of the lower classes who dressed in suites and top hats and were central to the culture and attitude of the Tango.  His painting style creates a very specific “mood” descriptive of this Argentine culture.

Just like Van Gogh’s paintings from Provence helped de Button appreciate specific characteristics of Provence, Jofre’s painting expressed to me a certain beauty, mood, and life that to the artist defined Argentina.