Joss Rossiter

Joss Rossiter was born in South Africa and lived there for 38 years before moving to the UK.

Rossiter’s art is heavily influenced by her life in South Africa and she believes that there is joy and an intensity of love and passion amongst the people even in the most difficult of economic circumstances.

Rossiter creates vibrant ‘impactful’ images using a wide range of media including oil pastels, acrylics, and inks together, with many different techniques.

Joss exhibits regularly in London and won First Prize at the Mall Galleries Pastel Show in 2018.

Her art is in galleries in London, St.Albans (UK); Laguna Beach, CA., Lisbon, and now in Saugatuck Michigan and Cambridge Maryland this Summer.

Rossiter loves life, color, art, and is passionate about creating work that captures the viewers attention.

“Art is such fun and brings me such joy. If this ever stops, then so will I”